Mediapact Respectful Cooperation • 14-02-2023  

The audiovisual sector is joining forces against (sexually) transgressive behavior and for a socially safe working environment within the media industry. EMG, NEP, NPO, NCP, RTL and Talpa Network have taken this initiative and signed a joint covenant to this end, we call it the 'Mediapact Respectful Cooperation'.


In addition to the steps the organizations already took individually, such as joining, offering awareness training and emphasizing the presence of internal and external confidential counsellors, the media sector is going to make an even stronger commitment to the safety of all employees: from producers, broadcasters and facility companies to participants, freelancers, guests and others involved. At every level and in every link of the chain.
It is essential to have unambiguous standards for desired behavior, whenever parties from our industry meet and cooperate. All employees and stakeholders within the audiovisual sector must be able to work together respectfully and pleasantly in a safe environment and feel supported to not accept transgressive behavior, and to correct and to be able to report transgressive behavior.

Long-term investment
The Mediapact Respectful Cooperation is a joint effort in which the involved parties invest for the long term. This is done through continuous dialogue, sharing dilemmas, learning from each other, and stimulating each other. The first concrete actions we will take originate from three key themes: training, awareness, and joint accountability.

The initiators of the Mediapact articulate the initiative in this video message. They also emphasize that all companies within the media industry are welcome to join the Mediapact.

Download the Covenant here

On behalf of the spokespersons of the initiating parties

Eva Peters
Nederlandse Content Producenten

Jochem Haverman
NEP The Netherlands

Thijs van Soest

Patrick Brand
EMG Nederland

Floor Handjes
Talpa Network

Kim Koppenol
RTL Nederland

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All companies within the media industry are welcome to join the Mediapact. Together we can ensure a safe and inspiring working environment.

V.l.n.r. Manon van der Hoek (NCP), René Delwel (EMG), Pim Schmitz (Talpa), Sven Sauvé (RTL), Frederieke Leeflang (NPO), Arjan van Westerloo (NEP) • Credits foto: Wessel de Groot