MEDIAPACT REspectful Cooperation

Against (sexually) transgressive behavior and for a socially safe work environment

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Our goal

We want all employees and stakeholders within the audiovisual industry to be able to work together respectfully and pleasantly in a safe environment. We want them to feel supported to not accept transgressive behavior, and to correct and to be able to report transgressive behavior.

The Mediapact Respectful Cooperation comes in addition to the steps our organizations have already taken individually, such as affiliation with, offering training courses, and appointing internal and external confidential counsellors.

It is essential to have unambiguous standards for desired behavior, whenever parties from our industry meet and cooperate. That is why we, in the media sector, are going to make an even stronger case for the safety of all our employees: from producers, broadcasters, and facility companies to participants, freelancers, guests, and all others involved. At every level and in every link of the chain.


The Mediapact Respectful Cooperation is a joint effort in which the involved parties invest for the long term. This is done through continuous dialogue, sharing dilemmas, learning from each other, and stimulating each other. The first concrete actions we will take originate from three key themes: training, awareness, and joint accountability.

Exemplary behavior starts with leadership: all directors receive training from an external party. This way, we all share the same starting point. This training is also offered to all directors of independent companies (broadcasters and producers). All employees of all organizations receive an e-learning course on respectful cooperation.

The Mediapact is the start of a movement that we are investing in for the long term. For that, we need everyone. To ensure that we all know what the Mediapact aims for and entails, we are launching a campaign for all employees in the first quarter of 2023.

Joint accountability 
Every year we make an inventory of bottlenecks, risks, and opportunities. This is done by a delegation from the shop floor. They show where the opportunities lie to improve the joint work culture and then, together with all managers, convert them into concrete actions.

We organize an annual event with the cooperation of all parties involved. During this meeting, we reflect on what went well and what could be improved. Above all, we want to share inspiration to further increase the enjoyment in the workplace for everyone who works in or encounters this beautiful industry.

Reporting transgressive behavior

Are you or someone close to you experiencing (sexually) transgressive behavior? Report it! You can do this by contacting:

1. Your supervisor
2. Your organization's internal or external confidential counsellor (anonymously)
3. (confidential) is always available for (confidential) reports of transgressive behavior, even if you are not employed by one of our companies.

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All companies within the media industry are welcome to join the Mediapact. Together we can ensure a safe and inspiring working environment.